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Interested In Custom Screen Printing?

Please contact us for your screen printing needs. Send us a text before e-mailing us.
Send your e-mails to uniquelines@protonmail.com
Text us at (228) two 2 4 - 43 forty 6
Thank you for your business, we greatly appreciate it.

We are a design company. Please request a private/PUBLIC complimentary page as early as you can. For serious inquiries only. Orders will take about a week for art approval.
Then two weeks of production time. You'll be able to view all of this at your fingertips from your 'Complimentary Web Page'.
Approve your art via this page or perform a press check.
You'll be able to track the progress of your free delivery order from 'A to Z' all at your fingertips.

We are professional screen printers and have over 35 years of experience. Our reputation and your satisfaction is
important to us. Please let us know if there's anything that we can do for you.

Please know that we offer you no financial advice, but merely a means to connect like minded consumers through a portal of
unique graphic arts magazine entertainment.

After about a couple of years of inactivity, we may delete both of your private/PUBLIC pages without notice.

You can always support what we are about. Offering a means for a marketplace to offer a unique experience of connecting consumers with their custom imprints.

We will always strive to be graphic industry professional pioneers. We will hold the utmost integrity. A decentralized connected community is a more secure, more for Liberty

and freedom, as well as, one that can be trusted without being molested by nefarious characters.

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Your PUBLIC page. Not available without your permission.

8/15/2018- Hello Example, the code that I wrote here is a tool specifically for the quickness and ease of demonstrating to you, and maybe even your clients, renditions of products for retail and/or wholesale.
Here is where we'll keep all of your 'progress pics™' of your entire potential order. Including actual press pics of your shirts being screen printed. But for now here is what direction we had in mind for some of your company's shirts. These are triblends that we're showing you. They have rayon in them that will make them very soft and comfortable. For these being our 'top of the line', giving them to you at a dozen price of around $13.73 is considered a steal. Please keep in mind, that we could introduce a less expensive 100% polyester, a 50% polyester, 50% cotton DryBlend™ or even a 100% cotton t-shirt in that specific order from expensive to the least expensive being our 100% cotton t-shirts.
In order to have us make changes or to even order for purchase, simply give us permission to code your complimentary wholesale pages and click the PayPal® buttons.




8/12/2018- Hello Example, this is your private complimentary web page. Products here I'll list for you at the wholesale prices. Please keep in mind that the products listed for sale on your page already should be considered as examples of how we'll do your products if and/or when you approve them for purchase. To keep us going, all you have to do is let us know that you approve of what we're doing and that you give us permission to keep going. A lot of what you are seeing is complimentary and at no obligation to you. So, we proudly boast no hidden costs. All pricing that we give you will be single unit pricing with everything included. Even free shipping or delivery.

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Latest design renditions:

If we're working on an order for you, this is one area where you'll find your latest renditions for you to review. Please keep in mind that you aren't obligated to do anything but make your purchases here. This is all compliments of Unique Lines™, we won't do this for just anyone.

Designs By Topic

Designs for you will be in alphabetical order.

Design planning in progress.

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Blanks By Category

This page will always be a work in progress. Please bookmark this page to check back from time to time. It is from here we'll let you know when we have something for you to check out. But mainly we'll be accumulating "blank slates of canvas" that you'll be able to choose from for any future project that you see fit. Or simply wear them blank. Thank you.

Styles are in alphabetical order.

Childrens' Blanks

Mens' Blanks

Miscellaneous Blanks

Unisex Blanks

Womens' Blanks

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Latest Public Pages (You can share items on these pages)

This will be where you'll have access to all of your related PUBLIC web pages (in alphabetical order)

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Latest Private Pages (Confidential Information- Please Do Not Share These Pages)

This area will help keep track of all of our PRIVATE client
web pages. The information on these pages is confidential and should not be shared.
There will be no social network buttons on any of these pages.

Pages are in alphabetical order.

Examples of Newest Products

USA SAE Auto Show t-shirts - stonewashed blue

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