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Interested In Custom Screen Printing?

Please contact us for your screen printing needs. Send us a text before e-mailing us.
Send your e-mails to lennymayers@uniquelines.net
Text us at (228) two 2 4 - 43 forty 6

Thank you for your business, we greatly appreciate it.

We are professional screen printers and have over 35 years of experience. Our reputation and your satisfaction is
important to us. Please let us know if there's anything that we can do for you.

Please know that we offer you no financial advice, but merely a means to connect like minded consumers through a portal of
unique entertaining graphic arts magazine.

In regards to any currency, being fiat, precious metals or cypto hashgraph for freedom and liberty, creative individualism in a
completely securely level and free marketplace is would we will always represent for the love of our country and humanity.
After about six months of inactivity, we may delete both of your private/PUBLIC pages without notice.

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4/2/2021- Hello, we offer this disclaimer for your protection. Please take heed.
ATTENTION: We are here to give no investment advice. Cryptocurrency, stocks and precious metals are investments that carry high risks.
Please DO NOT invest or spend anymore than you are willing to lose. No bill money, please. Act responsibly and do your own research to see what fits you.
Unique Lines™ will not be responsible for any losses incurred. We are merely here to offer you, as educational and entertainment, our magazine website.

3/3/2021- Hello, welcome to Unique Lines™, for the time being, we'll be selling in bulk, wholesale only. If we do sell pieces, they will be blanks and/or crowdfunded.
We can't wait to show you what we have to offer. We will be rolling out our many ideas on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

2/1/2015- How about a mission statement? Unique Lines™ is a designing company. Besides being screen printers and graphic designers, we also abide by the following traits;

We put not only our customers first, but our country, our society and our futures. For these reasons, we're not ashamed to put our principals out there for the world to witness. With a little investigating you'll #Know one thing, and that's the fact that we're God fearing men and women.

We love our country and will never try to not uplift it in anyway. For we #Believe that this wouldn't be prudent behavior conducive to our #SocialNetworkDestiny.

1/31/2015- #Yeah #WakeUp #GoGetIt #DontBeTheSheep #Godspeed.

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Designs organized by themes:

  • Supreme® Jordan® Inspiration Page.

  • Archived Custom Template Ideas & Proposals

    Designs are in alphabetical order.

    Please bookmark this website for it is constantly a work in progress. We'll be updating it quite regularly with new designs and product.

    Welcome to our always changing #World.

    Here you will find designer wholesale wear and custom screen printing templates.

    With any of our designs, you'll have a choice to buy them in bulk with a 36 piece minimum.

    If you've like us to do a custom design for you, please take the time to view our catalog and send us your design idea or logo.

    One of our staff will contact you with a price and we'll set up your complimentary private web page for easy viewing and ordering.
    Please allow 3 - 4 weeks from conception to delivery.

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    Design Ideas

    This page is a work in progress. Please please bookmark this page to check in from time to time. Thank you.

    Pay Ten Forward™ (e.g. #PayTenForward™ in Crypto) Patrons - Click here

    Wholesale Designs Organized by Alphabetized Patrons:

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  • What do we mean to pay ten forward?

    We know that there is a way to make this world a better place.

    We also know that screen printing, as we have always said, "Is one of the last bastions of American manufacturing."
    America has to be protected, our way of life has to be protected. With every wholesale purchase we'll send $10 worth of cryptocurrency
    of our choosing. We have the final say as to which crypto we'll use and to whom we send the PayTenForward™ to. There will be a PayTenForward™
    We'll want to make it easy and send it to the same e-mail address or phone number used to communicate with us concerning the order placed.
    input area within most of our PayPal® buttons. There is no designated time as to when it will be sent. More than likely the length of time when it is assured that the products purchased
    are being satifactorily used and so there isn't any risk of a dispute or charge back. A text or e-mail sending us a positive review could
    definitely speed up this process for then there will be reassurance that the customer is satisfied with our product(s).

    We will in no way be responsible for any losses of any value of the cryptocurrencies for it is clearly known that we're headed into new territories
    of the marketplace that has never been charted. But we have faith that we all will transform the values of our new found currencies, whatever they might be,
    into the catalysts of a greater and freer marketplace for the United States of America.

    Ask us about our complimentary page offer, this way you can have all of your favorite regular purchased items on your web page and at your fingertips to make regular purchases.

    Thank you for your business, we greatly appreciate it.
    Please note: We are a Pay Ten Forward™ design/web/printing company. We will use the transfer of crytocurrency, more than likely MetalPOP (MTL), to determine ownership of your page. We'll use this app to send you your $10 of crypto (PayTenForward™) from the MetalPay app. We may even ask for MetalPOP (a tiny payment) to determine your identity.
    Download the MetalPay app by scanning our QR code;


    We are professional screen printers and have over 35 years of experience. Our reputation and your satisfaction is
    important to us. Please let us know if there's anything that we can do for you.
    We do not offer investment advice, the crypto on this site is for entertainment, security and privacy.

    After about six months of inactivity, we may delete both of your private/PUBLIC pages without notice.

    Links to the recipients of our Pay Ten Forward Movement™ will be in alphabetical order.
    This list will not be updated daily due to labor constraints, but hopefully new jobs for many will be on the horizon.
    God Bless. Stay Blessed.

    Unique Lines™ Changing the world, one line of #CODE, one line of text and one unique wholesale order at a time. #unique #UniqueLines
    Our Pay Ten Forward™ .PDF Flyer, or in .JPEG format.

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